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What is a Quokka

What is Quokka?

The quokka is always called the happiest animal in the world! And we want to bring a little happiness into your lives with some good news. We believe it’s important to recognise the good work of people who are actively doing something to make Malaysia, and the world, a better place – and you can too, in your own way!

Why Quokka?

The media plays a critical role in how we perceive life and the world around us. Headlines that speak of terror, geopolitical, and controversial news, and the conversations that follow, often focus our thoughts on the negative side of things and slowly we find ourselves believing that the world is one big ball of problems with no solutions in sight. Whilst the awareness raised by these critical stories are important, there’s plenty of good news out there that’s overlooked because “”good news doesn’t sell””.

At Quokka, we want to help us all be part of the solution, by reaching out to the community, sharing the good work being done all over Malaysia, and encouraging all of us to do our part!