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First Interview!!! Interviewing Nelson of ProjectEd

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First Interview!!! Interviewing Nelson of ProjectEd



Hey guys! We’re excited to share with you our very first interview! In this video we are interviewing Nelson who is one of the co-founders of ProjectEd!

ProjectEd is an NGO which aims to bridge the opportunity gap for underprivileged students to pursue their tertiary education dream. In this interview, we will be talking about what inspired Nelson to start ProjectEd, ProjectEd’s approach towards bridging the opportunity gap, how students can reach out to them, and how people can get involved! If you want to see more of these videos, please do like, comment, or share this video! It is an amazing NGO!

More information about them on their website and social media channels here!

Website: https://projected.my/
Facebook: @ProjectEdMalaysia
Instagram: @projected_my

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  1. Suhaimi Sulaiman November 8, 2018

    Very inspiring indeed. Can we share your interview on Awani so that many others will also be inspired and follow the good example?


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